1977 - UIT Ladies solar watch

This is the earliest example I have found of a solar watch in production that was made specifically for women.

UIT Precision Company of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA was an early producer of solar wristwatches. UIT made a men and woman’s version of this watch – the designs were similar, but the women’s model was proportionally smaller. The watch was manufactured in Korea. The men's and ladies’ versions of the watch each sold for $39.95.

Few early solar watches were made for women. In July of 1976 Regan announced a new version of the Syncharonar, the Solar II, at the RJA (Retail Jewelers Association) in New York City. Regan produced a brochure at about this time that has a number of examples of the watch adapted with settings for women. The brochure states, “The Synchronar 2100 is anything a woman wants it to be… A pendant…a bracelet…a necklace….whatever she wishes…The women’s collection includes the basic module and a superb selection of sterling silver bracelets, pendants, chains and bands. An elegant addition to the Regan Solar System.”

I do not believe any of the Regan women’s models of the Synchronar made it into production. It was not until Citizen developed the Eco-Drive watch and a full line of women’s models that women’s solar watches became popular.

Here is an example of another UIT women’s model, in chrome.



Here is an example of a women’s watch of the same era. The model is “Orton.” It has a chrome case as well but the case is slightly larger than the UIT models.



Comment: It was probably more difficult in the early years of solar watch production to make a small version of a solar watch. However, based on this model design, it is no wonder that women did not want solar wristwatches.