1979– Texas Instrument Solar

Texas Instruments was a pioneer in the development of integrated circuit technology. The firm began manufacturing battery powered digital wristwatches in the USA in the 1970's. Now that major problems of integrated circuit production for wristwatches had been worked out, Texas Instruments became a leader in the drive to reduce the price of digital wristwatches. In 1976 it was the first firm to sell an electronic digital watch (LED) for $20. The pace of Asian competition to dominate the market for low cost digital watches was accelerating at such a pace that by 1977, Texas Interments was selling a digital watch for as low as $9.95. By 1980, Texas Instruments pulled out of the field of wristwatch manufacturing. It was the last large manufacturer of digital watches in the USA, leaving the Synchronar as the only digital watch made in the country.

The Texas Instruments watch shown here has world time, alarm, and date functions. The back has a blurry model number - perhaps it is TI3H. It is labeled as "Assembled in Korea." The four buttons on the side of the case control the multiple features. The face has a surprisingly large amount of text in extremely small font sizes. The date of the watch is estimated by the design that is similar to Japanese watches of that period and the fact that Texas Instruments exited the wristwatch market in 1980.