1984 Pulsar Quartz Solar 2001

Stainless steel watch with back coating. Date window at 3 pm position. Face appears to be on large dark blue amorphous silicon solar cell. Red sweep second hand, glow in the dark hour and minute hands and marks on the hours. Mineral crystal. Made in Japan.According to Doensen’s book, Watch, Seiko introduced its caliber V102a and V103 in 1984 with supercapacitors instead of batteries. He reports that this is, "the first solar watch which functions without any problems because the battery is replaced by supercapacitor or large-scale capacitor."

The back reads, "Water Resistant Base Metal Bezel Stainless Steel Back V102-6029 AO 99 (the second "9" is reversed) 5N3271 Pulsar" The front reads, Pulsar Quartz 2001.

Comment: The design of the watch takes advantages of the deep blue color of the amorphous silicon solar cell. The flat black color of the coordinated case and band and the use of simple white and the bright red color highlight the subtlety contrasting deep blue dial and black case and band. This simple watch design preceded the Junghans Solar I by several years and is even more elegant.

The Science and Society photograph catalog includes an image of another Pulsar 2001 model.