1977 – Mondaine Digi Solar

Doensen lists in his book, Watch, that in 1977 Modaine sold a two versions of this watch, one with a 10 digit display, the other with an 8 digit display. Brown Boveri manufactured the display for Modaine for the “Digi Solar.” The face of the watch has the inscription “Mondaine Digi Solar Swiss” and the back of the case is inscribed “Serviced by Mondaine Watch Ltd Use Mallory Battery 10 SL 18 or equivalent Swiss made EE 3015 S.”

This watch also appeared under the name "Mirexal."


Mondaine made several casings of their solar watch movement. Here is another.



In addition, this undated photograph show another style of Mondaine solar watch. It is very similar in design to the 1977 Marvin