1977 - Marvin Solar

The Marvin Watch Company was founded in 1850 and began manufacturing in St-Imier, in the French-speaking part of the Bernese Jura mountains of Switzerland.

By the 1970's the company was part of the MSR group (Manufactures Suisses Réunies) which was also the owner of the Revue Thommen and Vulcain brands.

This watch has a heavy square chrome or stainless steel case with a raised crystal.  The round face is inset and has a day and date calender. The face is grey-silver color complimenting the color of the  the small grey solar cells on the face. Right above the name "Marvin" on the face of the watch there is a reversed "RR" logo. This is the logo of Revue Thommen.  The band is not original.  The date is estimated by the design of the watch.   

The watch appears similar to the Amida in design and layout.