1993 - Junghans MEGA TEC

Junghans developed the first solar-powered, radio-controlled watch in 1992 and brought it to the market in 1993. The name of the watch was X2005, group 21. The example shown here is the Mega Tec model. The watch claims to run for 6 months with a full charge. Radio-controlled by the official German time signal broadcast from Mainflingen, Germany. The face is one large solar cell with a window displaying seconds or the date in a small LCD window at the 3 pm position. The watch required external antennae, which is inside the band. There were a total of three models introduced that year, all asymmetrical. There is no stem to adjust the watch on the side of the case. Adjustments are made by pushbuttons on the back of the case. I believe that the cases were designed for Jungshans by the well know design firm “frog design” but have not been able to confirm this. The other models introduced that year are shown below.

Comment: The Mega Tec is a great design. It is distinctive for a number of reasons not the least of which is for having the only green hands ever on a solar watch.