2003 - Casio AL-180:  Fake or Homage?

Casio introduced the AL-180 in 1987. Around 2005 there was a sudden appearance of many "new old stock'" Casio AL-180 models on ebay sites around the world.   The date of 2003 for the new appearance of the AL-180 is an estimate based on the discussion board observation when the watch was first spotted.

On the Nerd Watch Discussion Board astute observer 'oettingereport' analyzed the differences between the original and new version of the watch and found the new version inferior and clearly not produced by Casio.  The interesting thing is that the new version is clearly trying to closely copy the look of the original solar watch.

Perhaps this is "knock off" of the original 1987 Casio watch.  Perhaps a small Asian firm is making fakes of the watch becuase of the great reputation of the quality and accuracy of Casio watches.  These watches are selling for between $25 and $45 on eBay.  This is a modest amount if the watches really were "new old stock" mint condition, vintage electonic watches.

Comment - I think that the interest in this watch represents an appreciation of the the early designs of solar watches, when the solar panel was an important part of the design and aesthetic of the watch.  Perhaps some watch buyers are being cheated thinking they are buying vintage watches but I think of this watch as an homage (a deceitful one) to the early solar watch design before the "design conformance" or "design regression'" that made all watches look alike.