1975 - Cristalonic

This German watch was the first solar powered LCD watch. It was introduced at the 1975 Basel Fair. It was sold for 549 DM. Critalonic made several different cases for the watch. Two are shown here – a gold colored watch and a black watch in a rectangular case and black plastic band. The actual dates for the two watches shown are not known.

Another view of this watch is on the website of Science & Society Picture Library in England. http://www.scienceandsociety.co.uk/results.asp?image=10308536

An example of a third design is shown on Peter Wenzig’s website http://www.digitalwatches.de/ENGLISH_INDEX.HTM, as well as the Antiquorum website antiquorum.com

There were two types of solar models. Type I had a simple display of hours/minutes and month/day. Type II had hour/minutes and month/day and minutes/seconds.

In 1976 Critalonic introduced another solar powered LCD watch at the Basel Fair, the “Thermo-Solar-Quartz.” It told the temperature in addition to the time. Apparently it was never sold.